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About us

Do you ever tried to look for fast and reliable carrier, which could assist you 24/7? According to our experience it is not easy task. There are lot of carriers, who will accept your time sensitive shipment for a fast delivery, but most of them are not able to keep the given word. Such kind of misunderstands cost money, time and sometimes even your reputation. Due to this situation we decided to establish a company, which wouldn't brake the given word and could guarantee fast and reliable delivery. Of course, there are lot of situations, when the carrier is not able to envisage the problems and we are not excluded... ...but we guarantee, that our customers will be informed about all issues with the first priority and nevertheless, we will not leave you alone in such situation - we will professionally assist you and do our best, so you and your customer would be happy!

Our aim - to became your friend in the world of transportation; to help you by building your advantage and to be a part of your business.
Our vision - to became the leader of express courier, which handles extremely urgent and important shipments.
Our mission - guarantee only qualitative services and keep on holding the given word.

Urgent cargo delivery within European Union by cargo van.
UAB OnTime Logistics    Vilnius, Lietuva    delivery@ontime.lt    +370 620 24258 (LT, RU)